Apple All Set To Ship It’s New iPhone In September, 2011

Apple’s next generation iPhone which would be equipped with faster processor would be shipped soon starting from September, 2011. This information was confirmed by three of Apple’s key people in company’s supply chain.

The iPhone which was originally introduced in 2007 with exclusive features like the touch screen and on demand application template were soon copied by it’s competitors on their products. But, still this device remains to be on a gold standard when compared with any other device in it’s particular segment.

Apple new iPhone to be launched and shipped in september 2011 logo

One of the key people said on Wednesday, that, the production of the new iPhone would start somewhere in July or August. The new iPhone would look identical to the already existing iPhone 4. The people which said the above things declined their identification as the plans for the new iPhone were not public yet.

Apple largely uses components from Taiwan based suppliers. The suppliers of component of these countries are likely to benefit from such frequent product launches by Apple.

Vincent Chen, an analyst at Yuanta Securities said “For some suppliers, Apple is their cash cow, or their bread and butter”. He further added “With all these versions being launched so frequently, it will be the so-called low-margin suppliers, such as those that assemble the phones, who will benefit the most.”

Apple is also dependent on other countries like Japan for some of the key components in it’s devices like the touchscreen display and the flash memory.

Apple is expected to do well in the future and with the frequent product launches, it is also giving hard times to it’s competitors too. Let’s hope that the new version of the iPhone comes out as soon as possible.

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