Firefox 8 To Arrive on November 8 – Available For Download Now

This decade has seen a host of development in the field of web-browsers. The latest news in this field is that Mozilla Firefox 8 will arrive officially tomorrow on November 8, 2011.

Mozilla Firefox 8 the latest web browser for safe and secure web browsing

Mozilla will officially launch Mozilla Firefox on November 8, 2011, but you can still download the latest Mozilla Firefox 8 through the download links that we have provided you below. This is a usual thing from Mozilla that just before the official launch, the browser is available for download on Mozilla’s servers.

This new version of the web-browser has just been released after a very short gap of only one and a half months when Firefox 7 was released by the company. This is a result of rapid development efforts by the company which comes under “Rapid Release Strategy” by Mozilla. Under this strategy, you can always expect a newer version of your existing Firefox within every 6 weeks from the date of previous release.

Some of the features that has been introduced in this version of web-browser (i.e. Firefox 8 ) includes support for Twitter in the search bar itself. It includes many stability and performance fixes which is improvement from the previous version. It has much improved add-on management and security features. One remarkable feature that comes with this version of browser is that it has some tab options which are additional to those which are existing currently. Now tabs can be loaded at the request of a user whenever the browser restarts.

Download links for Mozilla Firefox 8:

Download Link for Mozilla Firefox 8 (For Windows version) –

Download Link for Mozilla Firefox 8 (For Mac version) –

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