Forget The iPhone – Here Comes The World’s First PAPER PHONE

Future is always more interesting and filled with gadgets and gizmos that are programmed to make human life better and less painful. Here is another of such points of time keen on making human life easy and more comfortable.

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Prof. Roel Vertegaal, Director of Queen’s University’s Medical Lab will be presenting a unique and significant device at the Association of Computing Machinery’s CHI conference next week in Vancouver. The unique feature of the device to be presented next week is that it is an interactive computer that has many similarities with that of an iPhone in terms of features and functionality.

Mr Vertegaal said that “This is very early days……. This is, as far as I am aware, the first paper phone.” The look and the feel of this world’s first paper phone is very similar to a small sheet of translucent paper. He further said that “We expect all phones to be like this within five to 10 years.”

The screen of the paper phone is very similar to that of Amazon’s Kindle except that the screen in this case is extremely flexible. The thin film flexible display is of 9.5 cm diagonal in size.

This flexible paper phone was created by researchers from Arizona State University and researchers from Queen’s. Both the researcher groups working together with E Ink Corp., which is a leading developer of electronic paper display technology as well as ASU’s Flexible Display Centre.

The team would be presenting the device on ways in which it can perform various activities by bending the display in various ways. According to Vertegaal, it would involve hundreds of millions of dollars to actually make commercial use of the device from the prototype stage. It would involve huge money to make this type of device commercial in today’s given conditions.

According to Vertegaal, “This is going to change everything…..It is going to change the way we work with computers.”

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