Google Android Figures And Stats – Broadcasted Officially At Google I/O 2011 (io2011)

The Google Android has come a long way since its inception. It is giving tough competiotion to all its competitors especially Apple iPhone and iOS.

Android Stats 2011 Google IO io2011 Android Ice Cream Sandwich Figures

Google I/O developer conference which was held in San Francisco showcased the achievements of Google Android in it’s long journey. Hugo Barra, Android Product Manager Director, shared some of the stats and figures on the way Android platform have come a long way.

Given below are some of the stats which were officially announced at the io2011.

Stats of Android OS (io2011):

  • 310 Android devices being used in 112 countries
  • 100 million activated Android devices
  • 200,000 free and paid applications available in Android Market
  • Android OS is on 36 original equipment manufacturers and 215 carriers
  • 4.5 billion applications installed from Android Market
  • 400,000 new Android devices are activated daily

Android has taken over as the most sought out Operating System for most of the modern gadgets and devices. It is amazing that it has risen to such great heights in such a short span of time. The total time when Android was officially announced has been around 3 years or so, and in such less time, it has become one of the favourite Operating System of most of the users today.

Google also announced a common Android OS for all the devices and named it as Ice Cream Sandwich in Google I/O 2011 (io2011). Let us see what and how Android develops in the future.

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