Huawei’s Cloud is About to Rain

Huawei, the Chinese giant will be offering Indian customers its new cloud services and cloud based mobile phones. The two models that it will unveil are Huawei Sonic and IDEOS X3. These can download and share content which maintaining a backup of information on the cloud. Huawei has already sold 100000 such units since it’s unveiling.

The Cloud technology works in this way- a Cloud provides applications to the user from a server online and it’s all managed by the client’s browser. iPhone unveiled a similar service in June this year called iCloud.

Chinese Huawei Makes the First Cloud Computing Phone Huawei Cloud computing 3G India China Huawei Sonic IDEOS X3 iCloud mediapad

The marketing director of Huawei, Mr. Anand Narang has said, “In our consumer interactions, we found while smart phones were better than feature phones, they had their limitations. That is where our Cloud+ service, offering 16 GB net drive, integrated social phonebook, richer messaging and phone finder services, would step in. These would make our cloud phones smarter than existing ones.

These Huawei devices are loaded with 3GB download for three months along with Aircel and online and offline retailers will have them soon across the country. The Cloud storage offered by Huawei is 16GB and it has integrated features like Huawei Streams for an enhanced social media experience, apps for global and Indian audiences and various upgrades over time.

Besides this, the company has a tablet in the market called MediaPad for mobile professionals with a price tag of Rs.28,359. Also some 3G enabled phones priced between Rs.4500 to Rs.7000 The research team of Huawei, which is located at Bangalore, has come out which a Message+ app which is similar to the Whatsapp and BBM services that most people are familiar with. The company is currently in an expansion drive, going from 300 to 2000 stores by the end of this year.

Huawei honour Chinese Huawei Makes the First Cloud Computing Phone Huawei Cloud computing 3G India China Huawei Sonic IDEOS X3 iCloud mediapad

We understand the need to make the product appealing to Indian users and hence, we would be closely watching what apps users like and pre-bundle these in future devices,” said Narang. Sales director of Huawei, P Sanjeev said, “Both Huawei Sonic and IDEOS X3 have received resounding sales success worldwide. We are confident of being able to achieve our objective of being among the top five original equipment manufacturer handset brand, both in India and worldwide, over the next three years.

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