Mozilla Firefox 8 Beta – Available For Download

Mozilla Firefox had recently launched Firefox 7. And just after a few days of release of Firefox 7, Firefox is back with Firefox 8.

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 8 download link freely available the best web browser for internet

It has recently launched Firefox 8 beta version and this version of browser is freely available for download. Mozilla Firefox 8 has some amazing features built into it. It has inbuilt features like Enhanced Tab Management and Twitter Search.

Mozilla Firefox 8 – New Features

  • Support for upcoming technologies like HTML5 has been added.
  • Twitter Search – With the help of this feature, users can search for tweets inside social networks. It would be of a great help, we can bet on this.
  • Enhanced Tab Management – This feature has specifically been added for Multi-taskers. When you close a session after saving it and then next time when you open to restore it, the tabs would not be loaded automatically now. You will specifically have to select a particular tab for loading it. This will help Firefox 8 to save considerable time in opening up.

Other Features which you should look out for in Mozilla Firefox 8 include the following:

  • Added a one-time add-on selection dialog to manage previously installed add-ons
  • Added CORS support for cross-domain textures in WebGL
  • Improved CSS hyphen support for many languages
  • Improved performance and memory handling when using <audio> and <video> elements
  • Improved WebSocket support
  • Add-ons installed by third party programs are now disabled by default
  • Added support for HTML5 context menus
  • Added support for insertAdjacentHTML

Download Link For Firefox 8 Beta:

Here is a list for download links for Mozilla Firefox 8 for different available platforms.

  • Windows –
  • Mac OS X –
  • Linux –

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