3G Enters The Dual SIM Market

The Indian Mobile phone market is the second largest in the world and there is a good demand for dual SIM phones in the Indian market. Yet only a few mobile makers have been able to tap this potential fully and Spice and Micromax have been two Indian players who have taken full advantage of this market. Earlier, dual SIM phones had only 2G+2G and GSM+CDMA formats available but off late there are phones with 2G+3G compatibility in the market. Today we have a preview of what your nearest mobile store has for you in terms of dual SIM phones.

Multi tasking Crazy Busy or Just Crazy Dual Sim with 3G enabled modern man who loves gadgets and is very busy

In this segment Spice has two models, the Spice QT95 and the G6565 and Samsung has Samsung Star Duos B7722. Here are some details of the three phones:

Spice QT95

This phone has a lot of features that are hard to find in other phones like dual SIM, dual camera and even dual memory card slots. This is why this phone is so amazing, the rear camera is 3.2 MP and the front camera is a basic one for video calling. It also has an MP3 player, FM radio and FM recorder. The phone works on 3G SIM and has connectivity via Bluetooth and USB. Spice has avoided the touch screen and has put a QWERTY keypad on the phone. It’s a steal at the price of Rs.5500 and is not yet available online.

 Spice G6565

The Spice G6565 is in no sense better than its cousin, QT95. It has the same kind of features and in fact, a poorer quality camera. This keeps us guessing why Spice charged Rs.10999 for this one and a lot lesser for the other one.

Samsung B7722

Now this phone is worth a second look; first, because it’s from Samsung and second, it’s nicely made. The phone supports two 2G (GSM) SIM cards and is loaded with multimedia features like a 5 MP camera with LED flash and MP3 player that plays everything you like and it can record videos up to 30 fps. It also has a FM. The phone is touch screen and has a pretty good navigation system. The biggest twist that the phone has is its long battery life which is 12 hrs and 50 minutes of talk time and 17 days of stand by that. Now isn’t that amazing!

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