Angry Birds Space HD – Exclusive Review

The most sort after game in the Smartphone & tablet market strikes again with enhanced features & looks, the birds in the outer space. Angry Birds Space along with enhanced graphics has also increased the difficulty levels for already expert players or rather followers.

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Taking you deep into the discussion, with the same simple idea of birds fighting the irritating pigs, the pigs have got a new robotic suit covered inside a wormhole. They are still notorious enough and have just one main target i.e. stealing the bird’s eggs. The poor birds have to fly through the wormhole in order to save their unborn kids.

Rovio has done justice to the name of the game with giving a perfect space fitted look with better animations to the characters, especially the black bird which amazingly shoots a trail of blazing fire when fired.

Some new birds such as Ice Bird, which transforms the surroundings into ice, helping other birds to escape and the yellow bird has now turned into purple triangular bird, which just by releasing after tapping twice can be aimed in any direction have also been brought in.

angry birds space danger zone stage how to play exclusive review feedback comments download

Along with the background being more explanatory, the red dotted line that helps in aiming the target while the bird is pulled back is yet again a new dimension added.

Even though there isn’t much change in the voices of the birds and the pigs, the background score has an appreciable sci-fi tune embedded to it.

As the game is now plotted in the space, the 4 game worlds, as of now, are PIG BANG, COLD CUTS, DANGER ZONE and EGGSTEROIDS. Sooner or later one realizes that application of physics is not the key to success; instead you need to keep digging your brains to understand the gravitational pull concept.

Now you can not only hit the pigs directly to move them away from gravity, but also aim at the asteroids to cause a BANG and let particles float & cause disturbance, adding yet another new dimension.

angry birds space different worlds stage how to play exclusive review feedback comments download

With multiple gravitational fields coming into the picture, the stages have become more difficult with the birds being shot from a 360 degree curved asteroid platform & falling gravity fields.

A calculative aim is required in the stages with multiple gravity fields to make the birds finally hit the target after passing through each gravity field in a unique way.

The scene of the birds disappearing off the screen, if they missed the pigs is also commendable.

You are also directed to a bonus level if you happen to hit on the mark for the hidden golden eggs on some surfaces.

Even though it is the fourth edition of the game, the players can’t help but stick to their devices and keep challenging the laws of physics in order to help the birds, which demands several hours of rigorous effort.

Adding to the irritation of the on screen ads that drain your battery, the limited worlds of the free version keep you unsatisfied. But you can always pay GOOGLE PLAY and own the Angry Birds Space Premium, which is also ad-free.

The new dimensions of creativity and engrossed gaming experience are attributed to the collaboration with NASA, The Daily and the National Geographic. iPad users can enhance their gaming hours by purchasing the in-app of 30 additional levels for the DANGER ZONE. To help you cross a level you can always purchase the in-app Mighty Eagle option.

Though it has a huge number of dedicated gamers, Rovio must come with new and innovative editions to keep the much engrossed gamers in the ADDICTIVE mode.

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