Announced – New Apple TV set-top box with 1080p Streaming

Now, Apple TV set-top box as well as iTunes will be able to stream videos in full 1080p high definition mode.

New Apple TV price features specifications resolution cost availability to hit the stores on March 16 2012 black TV television

This update of video resolution was made from earlier 720p resolution video which was streamed in Apple TV set-top boxes. There is no difference at in the looks of new Apple TV from the outside, but when you go inside the TV you will find one notable difference in the processor of both the TVs. Obviously, the processor of new Apple TV is much faster than the older version of TV.

The processor of the new Apple TV is a single-core version of Apple’s A5 processor. This is the same processor that you find in the dual-core variation in the iPhone 4S or the iPad 2.

Till now, Apple has not disclosed the official clock speed of the processor which is fitted in the new Apple TV, but the processor that is fitted in the older version of the Apple TV is a single core A5 chip with a clock speed of 1 GHz. This is the same processor found in the first generation iPad and the iPhone 4.

It is because of A5 processor that allows the new Apple TV to handle videos of 1080p high definition from YouTube, iTunes, Netflix, Vimeo and other such services rather than to handle 720p as the  older version of Apple TV did.

The built-in internal storage for the new Apple TV remains same as that of the previous version at 8 GB. There are however, few user interface changes that will come in the new version of Apple TV. This is a deliberate attempt from Apple to get users to use its iCloud services or to stream media from iPhones, iPads or iPod Touch and Mac computers using the feature of AirPlay.

The users of iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or even the new iPad can use this new Apple TV to view their screen in High definition of 1080p. They can use the Airplay feature to resemble the screen of their hand held devices.

The price of the new Apple TV is also the same as that of older version of Apple TV set at US $99. The new Apple TV will hit all the stores on March 16, 2012, same day as the new iPad 3 will touch all the retailers.

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