Apple planning to open Apple store in Amsterdam

hirschplattegrond apple store magnetfish

The red area denotes the space where the store would be set up

hirsch_building apple store Magnetfish

Apple is planning to open up a retail store in Amsterdam. The building where the plan is to execute is called “The Hirsch building”. This building is located in Amsterdam’s Leidseplein.

Apple has its Dutch headquarters in the third floor of this very same building and plans to open up a retail store in the ground floor of this building. The ground floor of the building is currently being used as an art gallery and will soon turn in Apples retail store.

Apple has very few stores in Europe as a whole, while globally it has more than 300 stores. In Europe, it has its stores only in UK, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France and Spain. In the whole of Europe, its only strong presence is only in UK, where it has 29 stores. In these circumstances, it is viewed as positive for the company to open up a store in Amsterdam. The store would give the people of Amsterdam world class service and products for which Apple is so famous for.

Let’s see how the opening of new store helps Apple and Amsterdam.

Note: The above information and pictures has been provided by Dutch blog One More Thing.

hirsch1 apple store europe hirsch apple store Magnetfish

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