AT&T Toggle – An App That Lets You Keep Two Separate Profiles

AT&T Toggle is the latest app that has come up in the world. It will definitely help all those people who use the same Smartphone that is Android based for their personal work as well as other office work.

at&t toggle new app that can be used to keep two separate profiles on the same smartphone one for work and other personal

This app gives you liberty to keep two separate profiles on your Android smartphone, which may be completely independent of each other. One of the profiles could be your work profile from which who manage all your day to day work and the other could be your personal profile. Things like calendars, corporate e-mail, data and apps can only be accessible through the work profile. So this app can be a great help to many.

Corporate employees could enable the company’s setting on their smartphone through AT&T Toggle. The employer’s admin of IT team could use this app to allocate different resources to different users with the help of a special portal. The IT admin of the company could also manage all the business apps which are present in the work profile. They could even add or delete such business apps. The IT admin could also delete all the corporate data present in the smartphone as decided by the company.

AT&T sees big demand for such an app in the future. According to the company, about 50 million employees alone in the U.S. could benefit from such an app. In this age where most of the companies allow personal devices that can be carried over to workplace, AT&T Toggle could be a huge benefit for both the company as well as the user.

AT&T Toggle could run on Android enabled smartphones which run on Android 2.2 or later. The most probable date when this app would be available in the marketplace is somewhere later this year.

AT&T is planning to launch a host of services in 2012 which are specifically aimed for customers who use their personal smartphones for work purposes. Let us see how will these services change the way people do work in the world in which we live.

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