Delhi Police Launches An Android App To Report Crime

Delhi Police has recently launched an official feedback app for all the citizens of Delhi. This is a major initiative taken by Delhi Police to reduce the crime that happens on a day to day basis.

Delhi police feedback app citizen first now report crime as it happens to the police

With this app, any citizen can report feedback, concerns etc directly to the Police Station Head Officer. The response given through this app, goes directly to the nearest Police Station Head Officer in the circle from which the feedback is given.

This app can help police to trace down criminals as data can be sent to Police directly while the crime is happening. Data can be sent in the form of text, images, video etc to the Police which would help Police in providing better security to the citizens of this country.

The data which comes to the Police from citizens using this app, gets stored on the police phone directory. Automatically, the crime data is reported with the GPS location. The location can also be modified by citizens manually if they want to and then this data is sent to the nearest Police Station.

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This is a great system introduced by Delhi Police to reduce crime in Delhi. Many of the crimes do not simply get recorded because people do not have enough proof to say that a particular crime happened with them. But with the introduction of this kind of applications, any crime can be recorded or pictures of the crime scene can be sent to police while the crime is happening. This would greatly help police in tracking down the criminals and reduce the overall crime rate in the country.

We would like to praise Delhi police for taking such steps to secure the citizens of the country and making every possible way to try to help the common people. It is steps like these that would help police earn the respect of common man. Police forces in India work very hard for their duties but all the hard work that they put in are overshadowed by corruption in this country. We hope that introduction of this application would help Delhi Police earn some respect in the hearts of people of Delhi.

Features of the App Launched by Delhi Police – Citizen First

  • The user can attach an image along with the report.
  • The reported Feedbacks will be actioned upon.
  • The citizen can report mishaps according to the various categories, and the reports are directed to the local Station Head Officer.
  • The data is taken from GPS or it can be manually entered.

Download link for Citizen First – Feedback Mobile Application By Delhi Police

Download Citizen First –

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