Google Chrome Browser Hits New Record

Google Chrome – the baby web browser from Google is on a high rise. Recently it hit more than 200 million users mark. This was announced by Larry Page, CEO Google, yesterday, October 13, 2011.

Google Chrome internet web browser fast high speed rising fast hits more than 200 million users in the world

Google Chrome came into existence around three years ago. But since its birth, it has been growing steadily in terms of number of users. Chrome had around 160 million users as of May, 2011 and around 120 million users as in December, 2010. This increase in number of users can themselves say the fast rise in the popularity of Google Chrome.

The web-browser by Google is liked by people and most of the people think that it is must faster than the Internet Explorer (IE) by Microsoft. The fast growth by the browser has been noted everywhere. Currently, Google Chrome holds around 15% of the market share which is significant owing to its age of only three tears. In some countries, like in the UK, it has even surpassed even Mozilla Firefox to become second most popular internet web browser after Internet Explorer (IE).

It is defiantly good news for Google and all the Google fans out there. It is also good news for devices such as Chromebooks which has been launched recently in many countries. It would be interesting to see what Firefox brings out in the market to tackle Chrome in order to retain its market share.

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