How To Do Operations On A PDF If You Don’t Have Adobe Acrobat

PDF files are one of the best formats of file to work on as they are easily readable, someone else could not easily change the content, it is easily transferred and read by most of the gadgets including laptops, smartphones, tablets, ebook readers etc.

pdf how to work on if you do not have adobe acrobat or adobe reader

So, let us now have a roller coaster ride to assist PDF files. Here we describe about doing things if you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed on your machine. Even without Adobe Acrobat, you can do almost everything on PDFs. Things like editing, combination and extraction of PDF files can easily be done by the methods described below.  Additionally, one can add multiple images to it and fill online forms by clicking the link embedded to your PDF file.

Guidelines For PDF Assistance:

  • By downloading PDF printer ‘Nitro Reader’ you can create PDF files from any Windows apps.
  •  For converting multiple files into one you just need to upload all the files on Google Docs and extract the same as PDF.
  • Conversions of documents to PDF on mobiles are also easy as you only need to email your file to and you will be provided with the PDF version of it without using any apps.
  • For saving PDFs in your browser either you can print it in Nitro PDF Reader or you can simply mail the web URL to, from where you will get PDF version of it. Apart from this you can also use apps like Clean Print to download web pages as PDF.
  • For converting PDF files to other formats like Word, html text etc. you can send it to and get it converted there or you can use Gmail account to have the same.
  • For language translation in your PDF you can use Google translator like from Chinese to English.
  • You can easily edit PDF files by using the several tools attached to it.
  • PDF Fill assists you to merge two folders or change its page orders according to your convenience.
  • By using Google Docs OCR you can extract text from scanned PDF files. You only have to upload it on Google Doc and under “convert text from PDF” option you can easily extract the scanned PDF text into Word.
  •   Availing the option of or on net you can easily print, copy the restricted files on your computer.
  • To use password protected PDFs you can work around it to use the contents of the files or you can simply remove the password like your bank’s credit card statement.
  • By adding Joliprint button you can allow people to download your articles as PDF or your blogs by using RSS2PDF.
  • PDF Filler or PDFEscape helps you to add annotations, text, pictures etc. to your PDF files.
  • For filling forms online you can always use PDF Filler which converts forms into multiple PDF folders as pictures and as soon as you are done with it combines all the pictures into a single PDF file. Alternatively, you can also avail
  • You can save your signature or watermarks in paint as an image and then copy paste the same to PDF page to use your own signature into PDF file.
  • For splitting some pages from a large PDF and saving them into a single one PDF SAM is the best option.
  • To protect your 10MB file of PDF you can upload it on to add password to the PDF folder.
  • For embedding PDF files to your blog you need to upload it to Google Doc, Slide Share or any other hosting sites which enables you to add the PDF into your webpages through flash based viewer.

Hope that all the above points help you in doing things without Adobe Acrobat. It would lubricate your life while working with files and docs and enable multiple choices for you to avail with.

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