Indian Student Develops An Anti-Molestation Device

The increasing number of crimes against women in the country is gathering at least somebody’s attention. A young student from GD Goenka School called Manu Sharma has invented a device specifically for this purpose. It’s a small device which a woman can wear on her wrist and use to protect herself. If commercialized properly, this device can change the lives of many women across the country.

anti molestation device for women developed by Indian student innovation

Manu Sharma says that he is well aware of the spate of women in the NCR region and knows what many women go through everyday. The need to do something to stop this menace is what inspired Manu to come up with this device.

Though many women are able to escape such horrible situations, the emotional and mental scars show for a long time in these women. This leads to a disturbed state of mind and depression in some. According to him this new device will make them feel safer during such crises.

The device works in a rather simple manner. It can be worn on the wrist like a watch and when a woman is being physically harassed it will trigger off an electric shock that will be generated from the impulses of the woman. Now to give you a rough idea, a normal person’s impulse rate is somewhere around 60 meters per second but when a woman is being physically manhandled her rate shoots up to 119 meters per second. At this point the device senses the sudden increase in the impulse and gives out a small electric shock of the intensity of 0.01 amperes which is good enough to paralyze the molester for some seconds giving the woman enough time to escape the scene. The device can only feel the hormones of a woman which makes it rather useless for men.

Currently it’s only in the development stage but it is soon to be commercialized. For this invention Manu Sharma has also won accolades from former president Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam and also the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad. Manu Sharma is working with the National Innovation Federation to make this device more user- friendly and available commercially.

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