Lost Your Mobile? Here Is What You Can Do..

With the growing use of mobile, the theft of mobile phone is also on the rise.  Have you lost your cell phone? Well here’s what you can do. If you haven’t lost your mobile, then also go through the article as it contains useful tips.

Lost Mobile Phone IMEI #06#

1.First and foremost step is to be careful. Don’t ever leave your cell phone here and there. You need to be careful with it.

2.If you have lost your mobile then first step is to call the “customer care” of the operator and asking them to de-activate your SIM card.

3.The next step is to call up the police. Call them up and submit them your IMEI number, which is unique number for every cell.

IMEI – The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is an international unique identification number which is used to uniquely identify every mobile phone. It is 15 digits long. You can find IMEI number of your cell by simply typing *#06# on the mobile handset. This number is also present on the bill of your mobile, at the time of purchase. You can also find the number by looking behind the battery of your cell phone. This number should be noted and kept in safe place. This number can be used to track the mobile even if the SIM card is changed.

IMEI number location in a mobile phone

Location of IMEI number in a Mobile Phone

There’s not much that you can do to retrieve your lost mobile. But, you can definitely block your mobile phone from being used when you submit your IMEI number to police and tell them to block it. Or else, you can ask police to track the location of your phone with the help of IMEI number.

This technology is not available for CDMA mobiles. CDMA mobile phones can only be tracked if they are used within the same network. The programming of CDMA phone is easy to change and can be easily changed for a different service.

4.If you lost your mobile phone you can also send an e-mail to cop@vsnl.net with the following information:

Phone Model:
Last used No.:
E-mail for communication:
Missed date:

It’s not a guarantee that you will get your mobile by mailing to the above address, but you can surely give it a try.

Hope that the above information was useful to you.

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