Most Striking Features of Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S III which is currently the flagship phone from Samsung, has finally been launched. Like all the other great devices, this smartphone also had its own share of leaks.

Samsung Galaxy S3 blue most striking features and specifications unique qualities and featuresWith the new Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung has impressed and surprised everybody.  The internet is flooded with the specifications and features of Samsung Galaxy S3. Here we present to you the most unique features that the phone has to offer.

The most striking feature of this phone from Samsung is that, it has been “designed for humans” and it means that the phone knows when you are actually using it. There is a feature of “Smart Stay” which makes use of front facing camera to detect the movements of user which prevents the phone screen from going off. You should also be cautious while using this feature as there is a huge chance of the phone draining all your battery power for this feature.

There is also a feature called “Smart Alert” which detects your picking up of phone and then alerts you through vibrations about all the notifications that your phone received while you were away. Many are also saying that the Smart Alert feature automatically detects the most important notifications and choose accordingly.  Samsung Galaxy S3 features “S Beam” – this feature is built upon Android Beam feature so that sharing of files becomes easier. But, in the Samsung Galaxy S3, this feature is integrated with NFC & WiFi Direct so that large files could easily be transferred. You just need to touch your phone with another phone to share large HD videos and that too very quickly.

Another very important feature of Samsung S3 is the “Direct Call” feature. If you are simply reading a text message from a friend and just while reading, you feel like talking to your dear friend, you just need to lift up your phone close to your ears and the phone will do the rest. The phone would automatically make a call to that dear friend of yours. It is very useful feature when you are busy and want to make a phone call quickly. “S Voice” is another feature that is equipped in the phone that is very similar to Apple iPhone’s Siri.

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