Nokia To Launch Tablet With Microsoft Windows Platform

The Mobile major, Nokia is planning to gear up and come in the field of tablets too. When will the official launch of such a tablet happen, only time could tell. But it is expected that During this year, Nokia would come out with it’s own tablet.

Nokia Tablet Using Windows 8 OS 2012 price features availability Launch

Many other Mobile companies like Samsung and Apple have already ventured into the media tablet market. It is right time for Nokia to put a strategy into place and venture out into the tablet sector.

According to many reports, Nokia is planning to launch the tablet during this quarter itself. With the introduction of tablet from Nokia, the company would strengthen its position against competitors such as Samsung and Apple. Recently, Mr. Marko Ahtisaari, Design Chief, Nokia, said that he was spending almost one third of his total time designing tablet for Nokia.

The tablet from Nokia is expected to come out having a 10-inch screen size and a dual-core processor from Qualcomm. The Operating System of the tablet is expected to be Windows 8 and the expectation of launching this tablet would be in 2012 itself.

The strategy from Nokia regarding the launch of tablet is a good move. Already the company is facing a decline in the sale of phones world over. With the introduction of smartphones, the overall market share of the company declined and this decline was picked up by Samsung which currently sells most number of smartphones throughout the world.

In these times, it is important for Nokia to launch a tablet and reclaim its dominance in the world of mobile phones and related gadgets.

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