People Love Birds on iPhone

In an analysis for finding the top paid apps in Apple’s App Store, it was found that all the iPhone users simply love birds. The top 5 apps that are in paid category in Apple’s App Store revolve around the angry birds.

people love birds on iphone angry birds ranking of games

All the lovers of iPhone, iPad and iPod may be very much obsessed with their devices but, one thing that they are truly obsessed with are the birds game. All the birds game either include being thrown at things or trying to avoid certain things. These are casual games and are one of the a major time pass thing. The gaming companies are trying to focus on more immersive gaming in mobile gaming category but one needs to understand whether people are ready for a higher level of gaming experience for more sophisticated gaming.

People are happy to watch the birds go to different parts of the screen atop different backgrounds again and again. We really don’t know when will all these people leave the birds alone and try other games. People would certainly want cat game for a change.

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