Samsung LED TVs – Price Range For All The Models

We get a lot of queries regarding the price of various models of LED TV in India. So, we thought of accumulating all the data regarding various LED TV models in India and present it. Here we have accumulated the price for all the models of Samsung. You will hear about the same data from other companies as well soon.

Samsung LED TV price for all the models pricelist India

Samsung is one of the companies which sell maximum number of TVs in India. The Samsung LED Backlight Technology provides unique experience of watching television through ultra slim design, breakthrough picture quality and great efficiency on power consumption. They have great contrast ratios as well as internet connectivity features.

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Samsung LED TV – Price In India

Samsung Series 4 LED TV Price List India – Samsung 3D TV Price

  • Samsung UA22C4000PM 22-inch LED TV Price – Rs.25,000
  • Samsung UA26C4000PM 26-inch LED TV Price – Rs.36,000
  • Samsung UA32C4000PM 32-inch LED TV Price – Rs.49,000

Samsung Series 5 LED TV Price List India – Samsung 3D TV Price

  • Samsung UA32C5000QM 32-inch LED TV Price – Rs.56,000
  • Samsung UA37C5000QM 37-inch LED TV Price – Rs.75,000
  • Samsung UA40C5000 40-inch LED TV Price – Rs.86,000
  • Samsung UA46C5000QM 46-inch LED TV Price – Rs.1,15,000

Samsung Series 6 LED TV Price List India – Samsung 3D TV Price

  • Samsung UA32C6900VR 32-inch LED TV Price – Rs.67,000
  • Samsung UA32B6000VR 32-inch LED TV Price – Rs.69,900
  • Samsung UA40C6200UR 40-inch LED TV Price – Rs.95,000
  • Samsung UA40C6900VR 40-inch LED TV Price – Rs.1,05,000
  • Samsung UA40B6000VR 40-inch LED TV Price – Rs.1,25,000
  • Samsung UA46C6200UR 46-inch LED TV Price – Rs.1,30,000
  • Samsung UA46C6900VR 46-inch LED TV Price – Rs.1,42,000
  • Samsung UA46B6000VR 46-inch LED TV Price – Rs.1,50,000
  • Samsung UA55C6900VR 55-inch LED TV Price – Rs.2,00,000

Samsung Series 7 LED TV Price List India – Samsung 3D TV Price

  • Samsung UA40C7000WR 40-inch LED TV Price – Rs.1,30,000
  • Samsung UA40B7000 40-inch LED TV Price – Rs.1,40,000
  • Samsung UA46C7000WR 46-inch LED TV Price – Rs.1,70,000
  • Samsung UA46B7000 46-inch LED TV Price – Rs.1,80,000
  • Samsung UA55C7000WR 55-inch LED TV Price – Rs.2,30,000
  • Samsung UA55B7000 55-inch LED TV Price – Rs.2,75,000

 Samsung Series 8 LED TV Price List India- Samsung 3D TV Price

  • Samsung UA46C8000XR 46-inch LED TV Price – Rs.1,90,000
  • Samsung UA55C8000XR 55-inch LED TV Price – Rs.2,60,000
  • Samsung UA55B8000 55-inch LED TV Price – Rs.3,50,000

Samsung Series 9 LED TV Price List India – Samsung 3D TV Price

  • Samsung UA55C9000SR 55-inch LED TV Price – Rs.4,40,000

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