Samsung Starts Shipping Samsung Galaxy Y CDMA In India

Samsung has silently launched Samsung Galaxy Y CDMA smartphone in India, after its success with the Samsung Galaxy Y smartphone in India.

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Galaxy Y is an entry-level Android based smartphone from Smaung. The new model, Samsung Galaxy Y CDMA will have similar features as the older GSM version of the mobile. The price at which a new Samsung Galaxy Y CDMA can be purchased is around Rs 7,490 (price available for Flipkart).

Samsung Galaxy Y CDMA would join the Galaxy series of smartphones from Samsung along with Galaxy Y and Galaxy Y Duos. There is a huge shortage of good CDMA based smartphones in India. We have not seen any good CDMA smartphone that is Android based that can be considered as really good. Maybe companies like Samsung should tap this gap and try to fill in handsets that serve the needs of the people.

The Samsung Galaxy Y CDMA mobile has a screen size of 3 inch with 320 x 240 resolution. It has a processor that has a clock speed of 600 MHz and a 2 megapixel camera. The mobile runs on Android 2.3 Operating System.

Check out the Price, Specifications and features of the new Samsung Galaxy Y CDMA.

There are many cases that the manufacturer and the telecom operators tie up and together launch a CDMA phone. This type of tie up and launch helps both the mobile manufacturer as well as the telecom operator. Let us see, where there would be any tie up between Samsung and any telecom service provider with regard to the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Y CDMA.

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