The Innovative Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard For iPad 2

Nobody prefers the on-screen keyboard to the real one. Typing on an iPad is slightly irritating but we learn to tolerate it and even get used to it. Accessory makers have been trying to sort out this issue. CruxCase, Crux360 keyboard/case and Logitech’s Keyboard Case by ZAGG were a few decent products launched but failed to resolve their purpose as they were not wider than the iPad itself, hence had narrow keys that made typing difficult.

Logitech Fold Up Keyboard for iPad 2 features availability price looks photo usability worth it cool gadget black color decent study table desk

The new Fold-Up Keyboard from Logitech meant for iPad 2 only has come up with an interesting design to provide full width of the keys, adequate height, that is similar to the keyboard of a desktop. The QWERTY keypad for iPads has come in.

The Fold-Up weighs 1.3 pounds thus doubling the weight of your iPad at a price similar to the regular physical keyboards. But the best part is that the iPad pops in and out very easily. The case also leaves space for your Smart Cover.

The Fold-Up appears simply like a black plastic shell, but once the release button is pushed and the iPad is tilted up, the keyboard folds out magically. The reverse is like sliding the two sections out, around and under. Unfolding it turns it on and once you fold it, it is turned off. The pairing mode is activated with the press of a single button. Three small LEDs indicate the power, Caps Lock and battery status when the battery is low or the keyboard is charging.

Logitech claims the Fold-Up’s battery to be good for 500 hours of typing. A USB cable supplied with it manages the charging or you could charge it with any Micro-USB power source.

Logitech Fold Up Keyboard for iPad 2 features availability price looks photo usability worth it cool gadget black color

The Fold-Up is slightly different to use compared to other physical laptops. The low-rise keys are responsive and comfortable. Everything is at the place where it belongs. The number keys serve as function keys for activities like search, playback controls, slideshow and volume.

The only flaw is the absence of a separate Delete key (a key that deletes in the right side of the cursor). The confusion arises with the Backspace key being labeled as the Delete key. The Backspace rather the Delete key is atleast located exactly where your fingers instinctively go.

Logitech Fold-Up keyboard is definitely the best iPad keyboard until now. It is slightly costly with the retail price of $129, but for people who prefer to use their tablet instead of a laptop, this is the best choice for them.

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