Top Racing Games To Look Out For On Android In 2012

Many games are developed throughout the year on various platforms to provide more excitement and fun to the users. The latest version of Android provides some of the best racing games ever played on an Android platform.

Many people throughout the world are a big fan of racing games. The only game that they want to play is a racing games in different versions and variants. Here we list down some of the best racing games that can be played and have so much fun with. These are the best racing games to be played on Android device.

Need For Speed – Shift

NFS Need For Speed Shift top racing games

Need For Speed (NFS) is one of the most popular games ever created. Every gaming enthusiast must have this game in his collection. The latest version of NFS, called “Shift” is a unique collection of world’s fastest cars and present the total racing experience which no other game can satisfy. In Android, this game is available for as cheap as US $2 approximately. It is one of the best and most entertaining racing game ever created.

Asphalt 6 – Adrenalin HD

asphalt 6 adrenalin HD top racing games

Each and every lover of racing games must have played or heard of Asphalt 6. Its a great piece of art to enjoy. Asphalt has collection of some of the best cars to play with. Also the tracks in the game are very challenging and present an unpredictable path to move on. You name it and the car would be present including Aston Martin, Ferrari and Lamborghini. The game is available in both single player and multiplayer mode. You can also play Asphalt on the internet which would put you on a real test and all your skill would be tested.

 Street Racing

street racing top racing gmaes

Street racing game presents a whole new experience of gaming as the game is combination of racing and sustaining your cars for the next race. This game gives you option of building better cars in order to win races. You need to maintain and sustain your cars once you have built a car. You need to perform and complete certain tasks for better options and purchase objectives. If the car that you have maintained nicely, your chances for winning in the game improves. Street Racing is available for a price of around US $1, so you can get this game at a very cheap rate.

Extreme Racing

Extreme racing is a game that provides many modes of play to the gamer including quick race, career and pro-race. All the game modes are exciting to play and offer customized achievements. There are 15 career stages in each game mode. The cars from extreme racing are virtually capable of doing everything. The overall game is entertaining and you can enjoy several hours playing this game. Street racing is available free of cost, so it just takes a few minutes of effort to load and play the game.

Riptide GP

riptide GP Top racing games

This is one of the racing games that even people who do not like racing games so much would also like. Unlike normal racing games, which are mostly carried on roads, the racing in Riptide GP is mostly done on water. The players can choose from a wide variety of jet skies. Also there are many unique locations where race is carried out like research facilities, futuristic sites, restricted areas etc. The game is designed in such a way that the interest of the gamer never goes down. The game is equipped with Tegra-3 enhanced HD graphics. This is a great game to have and have fun with.


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