Waterproof Your iPhones And Samsung Phones By HzO

All your future phones will soon be waterproof. You would be able to carry your smartphone with you while you want to take a bath or while you want to swim in the pool.

Waterproof your mobile smartphone and other electronic devices technology by HzO

All the next-gen iPhones and Samsung Galaxies would soon be resistant to water. This is all result of a technology called HzO which might save these high-end phones from water or any other fluid like alcohol, tea, coffee, soft-drinks etc.

For making your future phone waterproof you will not need any sealing agent or any phone case. All the waterproofing would happen during the manufacturing of the phone itself. HzO technology makes a tiny film inside the device and makes sure that water or any other liquid does not reach the device and which helps secure the device. This technology has been the result from a company called Zagg which showcased this at this year’s CES. The company repeatedly dropped the smartphones in a tank filled with water and demonstrated that the device was unharmed by the dropping.

According to Paul Clayson, President and Chief Executive, HzO, The immense interest from media and potential customers at this show is strong validation of the strength of our technology and market timing for HzO, WaterBlock will change the way electronics are used.”  

Waterproofing of the mobile phones will surely add more life to the devices. It would also add certain amount of cost to the devices initially. From the customer point of view, they would be getting more value in their mobile phones than before and not only Samsung and Apple but other mobile companies would also start making their devices waterproof.

 With the waterproofing technology by HzO, it seems that the days of waterproofing of each and every electronic device is not far. Soon, there would be parties where in everybody would be invited to watch a game (cricket, football or any movie) inside the swimming pool where a waterproof  LED would be placed.

What do you think about this waterproof technology and in what way do you think, it would impact the future of mankind, do let us know.

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  1. sunny
    January 18, 2012 at 4:46 pm

    This will change things dramatically . I think I will postpone my Phone purchase =]

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