Apple iPad 2 , Round The Corner?

Apple usually takes its time between refreshes, no matter what product we’re talking about. But the iPad, which is just six months old might have its successor, the iPad 2 hit the market soon. Cupertino reinvented the device, since we did have tablets before the iPad, but none had a similar selling success, so a second-generation device is definitely due.

Whether the iPad is revolutionary or evolutionary is still hotly debated, but the actual features of the new iPad is still somewhat of a mystery. As there are lots of rumors going round as to what’s coming in the next version of the iPad, here we’ve tried to bring all of them together for your convenience.

More Compact in Nature

With every apple product getting slimmer with the release of a new generation, one can definitely expect the new iPad to be quite compact in nature. As Apple doesn’t want the earlier cases to fit, we need to just wait and watch what the new iPad will look like.

Apple IPAD2 review A5 processor price

Apple A5

Multi-core A5 processor

Rumor has it that Apple’s next generation of iOS devices is slated to get a new processor: the A5.  This processor would be approximately 4 times more powerful than the current A4 chip in iPhone 4.  The processor would easily be capable of superior graphics, powering an iPad with a doubled resolution and even HD video with output through HDMI. The rumored  A5 might just be the biggest new feature of the next iPad, iPhone and even AppleTV.

But what does this do for you?  Doubling your graphics power is always a good thing.  Since Apple products rely heavily on user interfaces looking nice, extra graphics power will make just about everything faster.  Fonts will load faster, games will have higher frame rates, developers will be able to push the system harder, and possibly most important of all, these devices may finally be able to support HD content natively.

Apple ipad price and review picture

iLife of iPad

Why did Macs start selling better than ever about five years ago? It was iLife. What Apple offered with iMovie, iPhoto and iTunes, in particular showed something a Mac could be that a PC couldn’t. And the reason for that is that we’re talking about personal media. The iPad’s music player already feels more intimate, just because one could be scrolling lyrics with fingers or looking at near full-sized album art via iTunes LP.

Now think about what could happen if the rest of the iLife suite were brought along to this standard. Take the same premise and same applications, with a personal touch. Improved processor, storage, Lion-based apps have fullscreen interfaces that could more easily be transferred to iPad. The intimacy is the selling point here. And it’ s already where Apple has invested 9 years of work so far.

Very High Resolution Display

Apple has dominated the tablet industry ever since it came out with its signature magical tablet called the iPad, and the iPad we know today sports a 1024×768 screen resolution display. A significant improvement to that can be expected with the launch of the iPad 2 reports suggests that Apple is going to double that resolution for the iPad, bumping it up to 2048×1536 screen resolution.

If this rumor is to be believed then it can give an edge to all the other competing tablets, as none of them are even close to this resolution. Driving such an high resolution definitely requires more Ram or GPU power which in turn increases the cost.

Dual Cameras with Flash

With case mockups of iPad 2 already having two holes for front and rear cameras there is no harm in expecting them. As Apple wants to integrate Facetime with their entire lineup from iPod touch up to Mac Pros, cameras are on the gear.

SD Card Slot

While there is a new market open for Apple’s SD media, you can expect the new iPad to have a SD card slot. It definitely has a good customer demand but there might be some other issues such as interrupt in storage-based price tiering on the device.

Secondary Port on side

Rumors are that the new iPad comes with dual dock connectors, both for landscape and portrait modes. Side ports has its advantage of docking while on landscape mode and using the accessories while charging. But it very less likely that apple might consider such superfluous ports on its iPad.

Improved Speakers

One of the most noticeable defects of iPad was its very poor quality of speakers. Improved speakers are quite certain in the new version as improving speakers won’t be that costly.

Intelligent bezel/hot-pants Device

iPad which offers a relatively substantial bezel around all four sides of the display creates additional opportunities for deployment of the intelligent bezel technology. A touch-sensitive bezel, offering discrete areas on the bezel for controlling the device. Another patent suggests rear-panel “hot pants” input.  Chances of these technology in the new version of iPad is less, Apple might first want to experiment it on some low profile model.

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