Apple iPad Turns Two Still Evolving

Apple’s iPad turned two this Friday. In spite of a flurry of rivals, the Apple tablet has continued to dominate the market and still has no signs of any decay in the momentum.

new apple ipad to be much slimmer and with much powerful battery life technology gadgets cool thicknessTwo years may seem a short span of time but iPads are omnipresent and have become an important part of the mass making it difficult to picture a time without them. The tool has emerged to be a portable mobile computing platform that has the capability to replace the conventional laptops in various cases.

But on the other hand, iPad – the advanced concept of tablet PC, is genuinely still having a beginning. Apple’s latest launched features of iOS 5, iTunes Match, iCloud and iBooks 2, make iPad a more capable gadget that expands its list of uses.

Apple iPad is permeating the mass with a great pace. We go to the airport or the coffee shop, a number of hands are carrying the apple tablet. Surprisingly, I also find a few people capturing pictures and videos with their iPads.

Recently, I have come across a few alternate tablets creeping into the hands of the customers. At the Houston Marathon, someone was using a 7-inch HTC Flyer to click pictures and at my daughter’s gymnastic class a lady was using a Motorola Xoom. The ones that have gained the maximum attention though, are the flops such as BlackBerry PlayBook and HP TouchPad.

The sheer count of Apple iPad’s rivals is a testimonial of the victory of it. There already exists a long list of the tablets that have come and gone within a short period of time with the iPad around. Amazon Kindle Fire is the first device that could Apple iPad a slight competition. The market share of different tablets in various countries is though inevitable.

The Tablet is two but still a nascent technology and brains both inside and outside Apple are working on advanced ways to use it. It would be interesting years later to check the past track-record of the iPad and discover what the tablet has achieved and whether it has continued to maintain its dominance.

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