Apple iPhone 5 To be Unveiled On October 4, 2011

According to the latest reports, Apple iPhone 5 is all set to be launched on 4th of October this year. That is about 12 days from now.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Apple iPhone 5 to be launched on 4 10 2011 fourth October 2011 Tim Cook smartphone

Earlier there was heavy rumors around the world of iPhone 5 to be releasing in September. After the end of September, now the launch date has shifted to October 4th. People who are very close to the actual situation say that even this time, the date could change without any prior notifications by the company. But as of now, October 4 is the official date that the company has decided right now.

This time it would be the first major release by Apple without the co-founder Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs has been the face of Apple on almost every major occasion. He was the man behind the success of Apple for the last 15 years. It was because of his vision that Apple delivered superb products.

It is also reported that iPhone 5 would soon be available within weeks after the launch of iPhone 5. According to New York Times, iPhone 5 is expected to be “fairly different” from the current generation iPhone.

Apple has taken a long time to release a new version of iPhone. It has taken more than its usual time of 11 to 12 months to launch the next update of the device. We saw previous release of iPhone in June 2010. After that in October, hopefully we would see a newer version of the iPhone.

Apple iphone 5 to be launched on 4 Oct 2011 the greatest product ever

The new iPhone 5 would be launched by Tim Cook who is the Apple Chief Executive. Tim is believed to be the person behind building Apple’s broad, structured and well co-ordinated network of global supplier of parts and manufacturers.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the grand launch of Apple iPhone 5.

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  1. suman
    December 14, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    people are eagerly waiting for the iphone and its pre reviews as the iphone 4s had disappointed so many customers in India. The iphone 4s price was the major point of dissapointment apart from technical issues that is very much genetic in 4 and 4s both the models. Iphone 5 price will decide whether it will succeed or not

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