Consumers Spend More Time On Mobile For Media Viewing And Entertainment Than TV

Mobile is now gaining much importance in our life. The time given to this device is increasing day by day, thanks to the cheap plans introduced by telecom companies and introduction of better and more complex technologies.consumers spend more time on phone than on TV samung corby tv cdma phoneNow a days, more time is spent by consumers on using a mobile phone than TV for entertainment and media related stuff.

According to the survey which was conducted by InMobi, it was found out that mobile internet users spend around 33 percent of their total media time only on mobile. This percentage was higher than any other media including television. Television accounted for only 27 percent of the total media time of these users. These users spend on an average of 94 minutes in a day for entertainment and media content consumption. This time excludes the time which is spent for voice calls or SMS.

Out of the total hours spent for media consumption, mobiles ranked higher than other means of media consumption. In entertainment domain the users spent 41 percent on mobile as compared to 26 percent on TV. For accessing information, consumers spent 58 percent on mobile as compared to 20 percent on TV.

According to the survey conducted by Mobile Media, 72 percent of all the mobile internet users in India use mobile as a primary device for doing internet and related activities.

It was amazing to see countries such as India, ranked higher than countries such as South Korea, Singapore and Australia in terms of mobile centricity.

According to the Vice President and Managing director of InMobi for Asia Pacific, Mr Atul Satija, “The results underline the sweeping changes taking place in media consumption habits across the world, more so in India. Businesses that will succeed in the next 3-5 years will be the ones that are able to fully comprehend the power of the medium and harness its potential.

It is amazing to see how India is developing to use mobile as a primary device for media content and doing the internet.

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