Facebook Leaves Behind Yahoo to Become the Third largest website in the World

facebook yahooAccording to comScore, Facebook has now snatched the spot from Yahoo to become the third largest website in the world. The total number of unique visitors which was drawn by Facebook was around 648 million across the globe in November, 2010. The same figure for Yahoo stood at 630 million. Actually, Facebook had already passed Yahoo by half a million visitors in October,2010. But then came the question of sustainably and consistency of retaining its position at number three spot, for the next month which Facebook was able to provide.

yahoo facebook unique visitor nov 2010The steady rise in traffic of Facebook was seen from the time of its launch. It became the fourth largest website in the world just 18 months ago and now after such a short span of time, it has backed number three position. The first and the second largest websites in the world are Google with 970 million traffic and Microsoft with 869 million traffic respectively when all of their site’s traffic is collectively added.

Facebook also became the second largest video site in the United States after surpassing Yahoo. Yahoo now sees Facebook as its biggest competitor. Facebook also became the second largest website to generate traffic to other video sites on the Web.

yahoo facebook goog microsoft unique visitors

One ground where Facebook lost to Yahoo was the total monthly users. In this case, Face stood at the fourth position with 152 million users and Yahoo stood at the first position with 181 million users. One word of caution is that the figures of comScore do not match with the Facebook’s official figures. Lets see which of the two companies win battle against each other.

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