Five Low Intensity Blasts In Pune

Five low intensity bomb blasts was observed in Pune today on 1st of August, 2012.

Pune Serial Bomb Blasts 1 Aug 2012

Pune Bomb Blasts – Aug 1, 2012

All the bombs blasted within a span of just 7 minutes. Although there were 5 bomb blasts, only one person was reported to be injured. These serial blasts is definitely supposed to be planned move by terrorists.

The blasts took place during rush hours at Junglee Maharaj Road which has many restaurants and is covered by many shops. The blast was observed near Balgandharva auditorium which is a place to host plays. The blast took place just opposite McDonalds near to a bank. According to the officials,  the bomb was placed on a bicycle just opposite to the bus stand.

All the area of the blast has been cleared off and is now surrounded by Anti-Terror Squad.

1 Aug 2012 Pune Bomb Blast

Some of the first images of Pune Blast

Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde, who today only took over as the Home Minister was to come to the city for a prize-giving ceremony.

Few days back, in February, 2010, similar Bomb Blasts took place which killed more than 15 people. The blast took place at the German Bakery, Pune.

All these bomb blasts are attempt by wrong people just to create panic among the people and affect the growth of the city.

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