Pune is Now On Google Transit

Pune will now be supported by Google Transit. Google Transit is a service by Google that lets you know how to get from point A to point B via buses and trains. This service encourages the public transport concept.

It’s present in more than 500 cities all over the world and in India it operates in Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. It collaborates with the local public transport authority to provide its service. In Pune it has partnered with the bus service – PMPML and added its information to Google Maps.

It’s easy to use. Just log on to the Google Maps website, select a route from point A to point B and instead of selecting the regular driving options, select the Transit option. A bus/train route and the bus or train details appear.

This is a great service for the irregular commuters in Pune. It covers the information of 320 buses run by PMPML in Pune. Although it’s not very accurate but it’s still pretty helpful in giving a fair idea to new commuters. Also, real time tracking is what can enhance this service.

People of Bangalore already have a real time bus tracking facility but it’s not very popular. Hope this catches up with the general people as it is mobile friendly.

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