Ford’s Focus Electric Car Is Official , Finally

The news is  now official that Ford’s first Electric Vehicle that will give competition to Chevrolet and Nissan will be completely electric, unlike the Chevrolet’s range-extended Volt. We will find a normal Ford Focus that will be electric. This is unlike the manufacturers that have launched specifically electric cars. Ford’s idea behind it is to offer choices.

Ford's First Electric Car

Ford's Focus Electric Car

It will take 3-4 hours on 240V for the Focus to charge, which is nearly half of that taken by  Nissan’s Leaf. Ford has partnered up with Best Buy that will install the charging stations. We are still unaware of the range the Focus will have but according to sources it will comparable to the Leaf. The Ford’s Focus will serve well for those that drive 100 miles at a time.

The Electric Ford's Focus

An Interior View Of the Ford's Focus

The Focus Electric has got a version of MyFord Touch which will be green giving the same experience like the Ford Focus Hybrid.

The price of the Focus and the date of launch have not been declared. Electric Focus is expected to have a competitive price majorly because they have built on an existing platform.

The Ford's Focus

Focus Electric

Stay tuned for its reviews soon after we get a ride on it.

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  1. robinpatal
    April 16, 2011 at 9:05 pm

    Nice car… this is one of my dream car.

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