Getting “Smart” With Your New Smartphone :)

In the mobile phone market today, Smartphones are abundant and so are their buyers. Here are some really useful tips for the people who just got their first Smartphone. On the very first day of getting a Smartphone these actions will go a long way in making the phone as useful as it can be.

1. Connect your home Wi-Fi network to your phone

If you have a Wi-Fi network at your place it is better to connect your phone to it even if you have a phone internet plan. Most phone plans are for limited data usage and you might have to pay extra if you cross the limit. But the Wi-Fi network will take care of that and will also give enhanced speed which is always better.

2. Get a spare battery

    A Smartphone always uses more power than a regular phone.  So keeping a spare battery always charged is ideal. And if you want the batteries to wear out evenly then use them on a rotation basis. A car charger is always helpful.

    3. Download apps

      The best part of any Smartphone is the huge chunk of apps that they bring. You can always find one that suits your need. There are simple apps like the ones that show news and weather to the more complicated ones like a DVD operator. The more complicated the application, the costlier it is, so watch out..

      4. Set up your email

        People always find it more convenient to be able to use email on the go. On the first day after purchasing the phone set up your email account on the phone. If you don’t want to be cramped up in your email all the time you may find an app that will check in your email account only during a certain time.

        5. Install Google Voice

          Google Voice gives you a number for free. So, now you have two numbers, the other one provided by the service provider. Technologically advanced phones like Android handsets, BlackBerry and iPhone can use the Google Voice application to make free calls. It also saves voice messages and transcribes them. You can also set up a particular time when all your calls will be taken as voice calls. All this from a simple application on your phone.

          I hope these tips prove as handy to you as they have proved to me.

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