Google Nexus Q – The Future of Media Sharing

Google Nexus Q is a spherical device introduced by Google which would become the future of media sharing device. It is a device which is developed to stream videos, music and all other media content to your television (TV) and speakers.

Google Nexus Q the future of media sharing price features availability

Google Nexus Q can be run from any Android enabled phone or tablet. This device is a straight challenge to devices from other companies such as iPad and the Apple TV.

This device from Google has many special features that can create differentiating factor from other devices. The Google Nexus Q can work with your Google play library via cloud. The most special feature that the device has is “Social Streaming”. Using Social Streaming, another Android device can stream media to the same device. If you use more than one Nexus Q, you can stream the music or video in sync with various rooms which would ultimately produce a sound with a very high quality. Using this method, whatever media file that you carry on your Android based device could simply be streamed through your friend’s Google Nexus Q.

As far as the technical specifications are concerned, the Nexus Q is composed of TI OMAP 4460 which is used in the manufacture of various 7-inch tablets and also in Galaxy Nexus Phone. It has micro HDMI ports as well as  Optical digital audio ports. For connectivity, there is micro USB port along with dual band Wi-Fi with NFC connectivity and Bluetooth.

Google Nexus Q – Price

Currently the price of Google Nexus Q is US $299 as shown on Google Play. Google Nexus Q would be available from mid-July of this year.

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