Google Chrome Released For iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers. Google, today released the Chrome browser for iOS devices.

chrome chrome logo for iOS iPhone iPad iPod

Just after the launch, the Chrome browser has become the top free app at the Apple App Store. The Google Chrome browser is pretty slick and smooth to use and is one of the most popular browsers in the world.

The Android version of browser is available for Android 4.0 ICS. While the iOS version of the Google Chrome browser is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with iOS 4.3 and above.

Some of the features that are really nice of the new Google Chrome browser are:

Fast Search – Google Chrome has the feature of fast search. With this feature, you can navigate fast and directly through the same box. You can choose from different results that appear while you type.

Privacy – You can navigate through the browser with complete privacy. You can also browser through without saving your history by opening a tab into Incognito.

Simple And Intuitive Experience – The browser is simple to use and easy to operate. You can switch between unlimited number of tabs using Google Chrome. Using your iPod or iPhone, you can easily flip through different tabs just the way you would fan a deck of playing cards. Using your iPad, you can switch between tabs by swiping from edge to edge.

Sign In – You can sign in to Google Chrome to synchronize between your computer and iPhone. All the passwords, bookmarks, omnibox data and open tabs would be in sync with your computer data. You just need to pick up from the point from which you left using your computer. You can send pages from Google Chrome to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with just a single click and read them even while you are offline.

Download link For Google Chrome For iOS

Download Google Chrome for iOS device –

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