Google – Soon To Launch TV Service

Google is planning to get into the paid TV business.

google tv Google Soon To Launch TV Service 2012

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google has recently filed an application most probably last week so that it could provide services related to video to the city people of Kansas City, Mo.

If all the measures are approved, then Google could set new service as soon as from the next month. According to the article, “media executive currently involved in negotiations to license channels to the service.” What Google could package in its TV service may include access to TV channels, live TV as well as on-demand channel viewing.

According to the sources, Google is not just looking to Kansas city as its market but other areas as well for instance areas where Verizon’s Fiber Optic Services (FIOS). This would add new revenue source to the existing source of revenue to Google.

There is also another strategic importance for Kansas City. It coincides with the request to put antenna farm near Google’s data center in Council Bluffs, lowa. This process could be advantageous to Google as it could allow the company to receive movies and whole lot of other TV shows that could be bundled together with the new Internet service in Kansas City. Kansas city is not just an average city. It has the advantage of being upto 100 times faster than other average cities in terms of Internet connection.

Kansas City was chosen by Google, in March last year, for it’s super-fast service. The city was chosen over about 1,000 other cities for this prestigious honor. It is expected that this summer, the fiber-optic-based Internet service would go live.

This incident is not the first time that Google has expressed its deep desire to venture into the TV business. There have been several incidents in the past that shows Google’s deep desire to go into the TV market. Let us see till when Google comes out fully equipped to venture out into the TV market.


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