IE9 v/s Firefox 8: HTML5 Geolocation API support comparison

There are many people out there in the world who all want to compare Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) with Firefox 8. We compared the Geolocation API support for both the browsers for HTML5 and found that Firefox 8 was much better than IE9.

Internet Explorer 9 IE9 vs Mozilla Firefox 8 HTML5 Geolocation API support comparison Firefox much better than IE

 The figure above shows the comparison between how location is being tracked by both the browsers – IE9 and Firefox 8.

 From the figure we see that IE9’s prediction was simply based on IP address. It definitely means that the API implementation in IE9 is a fake attempt. This is something which most of the websites can do without having the need to show any  fancy confirmation dialog they show.

Even the accuracy range which was shown by IE9 was far from actual.  IE9 showed the images with an accuracy of 3 kilometers but actually it provided the location which was 170 kilometers away from the current location. On the other hand, the accuracy range which was provided by Firefox was around 50 meters, but in reality they provided much more accuracy. Firefox provided the current location with an accuracy of plus or minus 20 meters.

Actually, the location of public Wi-Fi networks are stored in Geolocation database of Google. It always needs your permission every time it requires your location. In fact, this is how it should be done even by W3C specification standards.

This clearly shows that Firefox is much better than IE9. If you do not believe then try this yourself. You will be amazed at what you find out.

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