Sony To Launch Smart Watch For Rs 6,299

Finally Sony is going to launch its Smart Watch in India, earlier its smartphone accessories were only available for abroad. It has been confirmed by Sony on Facebook that they are going to launch Smart Watch by the end of June for an expected price of Rs.6,299. By spending this much amount of money you get a stylish & attractive looking watch with OLED colour display which comes with colour straps of different colours, which you can change as according to your choice. The Smart watch synchronizes with Android phone and lets one read their Sms, calendar reminders, email and also updates from social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. One can receive calls through Bluetooth Headset and can even reject and mute calls. Synchronization in Smart Watch is done over Bluetooth 3.0. Smart Watch does not need a Sony phones, it functions with any of the android phones. This Smart Watch is also android based coz of which one can also port other applications than that provided by Sony.

Sony not for the very first time launched a watch accessory for phones. When Sony Ericson T610 was introduced, it was only at that time they had the standard analog watch with MBW-100 Bluetooth and OLED display. Pebble e-paper watch is a close competitor of Smart Watch and had gathered interest at Kickstarter. Only after the 6 days of its successful launching Pebble e-paper in the history of Kickstarter became the most funded project. The Watch boasts of E-ink display, a project by Pebble technology has support for applications which will sync with Iphone or Android phone. Watch measures 144×168 black and white e-ink display, it has four buttons, Bluetooth 2.1, 3-axis accelerometer, and a vibrating motor. Smart Watch might be a bit expensive choice but you are getting a lot with it like an OLED display and a pleasing interface, & can also download applications from Google Play store. Smart Watch weighs around 15g with different coloured interchangeable wristbands. It’s still not clear if the Smart Watch is waterproof like other watches. The street price could even get lowered after its launch, so the pricing won’t seem to be too high.

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