Man Shooting The New iPad

There is latest video on YouTube that is creating a lot of entertainment to it’s viewers. This is the video of Richard Ryan shooting a brand new Apple iPad. This video has created a sensation in the world of internet.

The New Apple iPad shot with bullets amazing pictures of iPad

The name of the video on YouTube is “New iPad vs. Assault Rifle: Tech Assassin HK53”. This video was uploaded on YouTube on 19th March, 2012. In this video, Richard Ryan uses his assault rifle to shoot the new iPad from Apple. He uses different guns to test the durability and endurance of the new iPad. It also test weather the new iPad has the capability to survive the shot of a gun.

While shooting, the iPad survived the shots of an assault gun but did not survive the beating from a high powered gun which blew a hole in the device.

video man shooting new ipad top entertainer happening trending

Richard Ryan has been making videos in the past as well while testing the capability and resistive powers of electronic gadgets like the Xbox 360, iPhone and the iPad 2. He sometimes makes use of blender to test the device. He has also given a name to this form of testing. It is called, “Will It Blend”. All these kinds of test is done to see whether the device is capable of handling such pressures and can the gadget survive such kinds of test.

This video has received many comments from the users. One of the users asked Ryan as to why to ruin such a good iPad. The user mentioned that he could not even afford such devices. On the other hand there were comments from the public that said that doing such a thing was cool and simply awesome. What do you think about this video and doing stuff such as these.

Link of the video for man shooting the new iPad –

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