Maruti Ertiga Out Now – Spacious, Sporty, Classy Vehicle

Maruti Ertiga is a Multi-Utility Vehicle (MUV) launched by Maruti. It is a very classy, sporty and spacious car that has been introduced by Maruti into the Indian market.

Maruti Ertiga price specifications availability features MUV great car value for money show room auto expo

Ertiga is not the first MUV that has been launched by Maruti in the Indian market. There have been cars like Omni E, Ecoe and Versa that have been launched by Maruti as a Multi Utility Vehicle. The main difference that can be listed between these cars and Ertiga is that, that Ertiga is much more specced-out as compared to the cars listed above. It has more features and has a great value-for-money.

Maruti Ertiga is a car that is mainly focussed on the Indian family man. Maruti which is the largest manufacturer of cars in India does not have a strong presence in the MUV section. Out of every 15 million cars which are sold in India, 10 million cars are from Maruti. With Ertiga, Maruti aims to bridge the gap in the MUV segment. Car makers have already started calling Maruti Ertiga as “Life Utility Vehicle” or LUV. Its a great hatchback car that’s also can satisfy sedan buyers as a part-sedan car.

Maruti Ertiga – Style

The new Maruti Ertiga has looks that strongly resembles the looks of Suzuki Swift and DZire. It is longer than swift but not as long as Innova. The bonnet looks alike to that of Ritze. It has swept back headlamps that resembles the headlamps of Swift. In looks, you can say it’s a combination of Swift, DZire and Ritze but at the same time has it’s own identity.

Maruti Ertiga price specifications availability features MUV great car value for money on road blue color

This car from maruti has been called as Classy, Spacious and Sporty. Maruti Ertiga is a very impressive car. You can easily glide into the car, you don’t have to climb into the car to get in. You can be comfortable inside the car, you can recline, slide or even get an arm-rest for your seat.

Maruti Ertiga – Specifications

  • Engine Type: Petrol
  • Displacement: 1372cc, K-Series
  • Maximum Torque: 130 Nm
  • Maximum Power: 94 Bhp

Maruti Ertiga – Price

The price at which Maruti Ertiga can be availed in India is in the range of Rs 7 lakh to Rs 9 lakh (Mumbai).

Maruti has placed the car in such a segment that the customers will ultimately upgrade to an Ertiga. This car can be used to take it to your work, for holiday tours or for long drives with the family. The car has great efficiency and dynamics. All this trades are that of a perfect MUV. This car can surely be your next buying option if you are planning to buy a MUV.

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