Micromax Launches EzMail – Push Mail Service. But Will It Be Successful?

June 23, 2011

Micromax which is a mobile handset company, has launched a push mail service named “EzMail”. It is providing this service bundled together with its 3G and WiFi enabled phone Q80.

micromax logo Ezmail service Q80 mobile India handset cell phone

Q80 is a DUAL SIM QWERTY phone. It is priced at Rs 4,999 INR (about US $110) and Micromax is boasting EzMail as its key feature to sell it. The cause of concern is that, it is not clear as to which operators Micromax has tied up with in order to provie the service.

There is no information on ezmail page as of now and moreover, there is no declaration by Micromax on the price that the end consumer needs to pay for the service. Main competitors of this service by Micromax are Nokia and Blackberry, which have tie-ups with multiple Indian telecom operators to provide for their service.

Now, there is even a greater threat for EzMail to pick up, because of the entry of Android based handsets in the Indian market. Gmail is also now a days available as a push mail to Indian consumers. In these, circumstances, we wonder how will Micromax’s EzMail succeed in the marketplace.

The case with Blackberry is that it is expensive for average Indian consumer. In this space, Rediff is offering its mail service at Rs 49 INR per month. While Android could impact all this with free integration with Gmail.

micromax logo Ezmail service Q80 mobile India handset cell phone

Micromax is more likely to have the same target market as that of Rediff. The target market for Blackberry is entirely different from that of Rediff. What Micromax can do is tie up with SMEs and small industry players to offer customized service solution for bulk purchases.

What do you think about the success of Ezmail?

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