New Google Chrome 18 Is Much Faster And Reliable

Google has released a new version of Google Chrome for all you folks out there. Google boasts of having fixed nine vulnerabilities that were there in the previous version and promises that the speed of browsing is much faster in the latest chrome.

Google Chrome internet web browser fast high speed rising fast hits more than 200 million users in the world

The unforeseen jeopardy resulted into the Google’s interest in the covering of the rapid and swift version of Chrome 18.

Chrome 18 facilitates increased Canvas 2D on Windows and Mac machines with easy going graphics processor units (GPUs) with the extension of WebGL 3D standard to the backstage technology. Though Canvas 2D was hastening the previously used version but now it has moved on to the newer one with prompt swiftness in it.

Against the most competitive ‘Mozilla’ Google tries to fasten the updates in every six to eight weeks so as to get better competitive advantage over its competitor. It lastly updated Chrome on 8th Feb, 2012.

According to the company, amongst all nine jeopardy three were rated ‘high’, five were ‘medium’ and one was comparatively very ‘low’.

Google paid a sum of $4000 to six researchers for reporting bugs to the team. It also paid $8000 to four investigators who also reported flaws in the Google Chrome that were finally solved in the version 18 of Chrome. Chrome’s illness reward and hacking activity forced the concern to pay more than $210000 to the foremost alien researchers. Earlier in this month “Pwnium” made $120000 for two researchers at CanSecWest in the conference.

Chrome’s habit to induce users forced it to come up with exciting Adobe Flash Player 11.2 with inbound features in Media software because Chrome is the only browser that supports bunch of Flash Player and its activities.

Chrome’s advent of ‘background update mechanism’ provides Windows PC with unconfined updates which handle the damage done by the system and repairs it to its largest extent comes with Flash Player 11.2.

Google tries to provide security to the data used by foreign remedies for the better protection from the unwanted hacking and tracing of data which disables the smooth playing of the system.

On Wednesday Google announced about its hardware accelerated Canvas 2D a function of HTML 5 which will boost up the Web services and operations with high dose of fun with games. It also conveyed that the PC’s having older GPUs and drivers does not support WebGL. But with Chrome 18, WebGL would be supported by PCs having older configuration. The licensing proactive results with TransGaming Company of Canada which enable its SwiftShader software. This software is fully compatible with machines that do not go with WebGL.

Hence, the applications used by Chrome like Adobe Player contracts with SwiftShader.

Chrome has been very much compatible with the users since its introduction thus, it tries to be user friendly which ensures user with “chrome://gpu” to gain a synopsis of the collection of hardware status which the PC or Mac exhibits.

The Chrome’s desire for best amongst all was crunched by the Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer having 20.9 percent and 52.8 percent of users throughout the world leaving behind 18.9 percent with Chrome and stood third in the race of competitive browsers. But according to StatCounter, a rivalry measuring company propounds that in March Chrome must be at 30.8 percent respectively.

Two consecutive Sundays of the month made Chrome the highest used browser in the world for the personal buffering and networking. This shows Chromes’ fascinating effect on user’s personal choice over Internet Explorer.

On contrary, Microsoft claimed StatCounter for providing inaccurate data because according to Microsoft, StatCounter does not collects related information and data from each and every country like China and it does not leave the pre used Web pages that Chrome loads being unaware to the user.

Moreover, Chrome allows itself to be downloaded from Google’s website for any of the OS be it  Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux and unknowingly it is updated through its silent service which not only provides the n numbers of benefits to the user but delight of using this augmented feature of Chrome!

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