Nimbuzz Updated To Version 3.3 For Symbian

A newer version of Nimbuzz is now available. The newer version of Nimbuzz has been updated for Symbian.

Nimbuzz version 3.3 updated for Symbian download link new features reviews and feedback

Nimbuzz is an app that helps you to call, chat and stay connected to your friends all the time. The newer version of Nimbuzz is 3.3 and it has been said to bring out a new User Interface.

The newer version of Nimbuzz has grid icons menu layout. The icons are now big and there is addition of some new icons into the app such as N-World, Recent chat and Group Chat.

The New Features of Nimbuzz 3.3 Include The Following:

  • 30% faster login
  • New “Notifiable” icon – the green half moon
  • Three new icons added: Recent Chats, N-World and Groupchat
  • Change your password from the inside the app
  • Block contacts that annoy you
  • Redesigned Home Screen for fast access to your favorite features

Download link for the new Nimbuzz Version 3.3

Download link for Nimbuzz –

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