Now A Cute Bear Toy Which Can Read Your Tweets Loudly

Here is an interesting toy which is developed by the Japanese. The name of this cute little toy is “Chatter For Twitter”.

Charatter For Twitter Toy Bear Price Review Featues Specifications

This is very exciting gift for all the Twitter lovers. This Bear shaped toy can read all your Twitter updates in Real Time directly from your Twitter account. The toy is very small and measures 75 x 95 x 70 millimeter and weights around 136 gram.

This toy bear can speak Japanese with full fluency as it is originated from Japan. It can also speak other languages such as English, French etc, though it will be having a cute little Japanese pronunciation. In order to use it, you simply have to plug it in your laptop or iPhone then the Chatter Bear will automatically read your Twitter Tweets and messages loudly and clearly. The device due to its size can carried from one place to other like from home to office and back again from office to home quite comfortably.

It is currently priced at around US $35.46 and you can order yours to get one. With the current trends we can soon expect many of other such devices in the future.

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