Now, Use Your iPhone To Pay For Pizza

UK Pizza iPhone app with Paypal cashless pizza experience

There is good news for all you pizza lovers. Now, ordering and eating pizza has become cashless for the people of UK. Now, people in UK would be able to enjoy the experience of eating pizza with a cashless transaction.

Pizza Express which has 370 branches has enabled all it’s branches to accept money through iPhone/Paypal app. Pizza Express had to team up with Paypal in order to give its customers the experience of eating pizza while they are cashless. Pizza Express brought an iPhone app through which it was able to enable transactions through iPhone.

Teaming up with big companies like tease certainly adds much advantage to the core competencies of the business which is making and selling delicious pizzas. Paypal certainly knows how to handle the case of transferring money while, Pizza corner can focus more on making delicious pizzas.

Till date, over one million Paypal customers have already purchased their pizza using their iPhones. Seeing all this, one can easily imagine the time of cashless world where the currency would only be transferred from one account to other through the wireless world.

UK Pizza iPhone app with Paypal cashless pizza experience

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