Now Watch Full Length Movies On Reliance 3G Platform

Today, Reliance announced its partnership with BIGFLIX. This partnership is a part of Reliance Group’s overall digital entertainment business so that it could provide premium full length movies to its customers.

Reliance 3G watch movie on mobile entertainment

Now, all the customers of Reliance can watch premium digital full length movies at a cost of Rs 30 per movie. This service is available to Reliance subscribers with no data charges.

In order to avail this offer, simply log on to using your Reliance Mobile. On this link, you will get a rich movie catalogue from where you can choose your preferred movie. The movie catalogue is powered by BIGFLIX. You can simply choose a movie and enjoy the movie with crystal clear picture quality.

Along with the movies, there are also many Video Songs, Movie Clips and other short clips which the users can enjoy. These clips and video songs are absolutely free for all Reliance 3G subscribers.

The unique feature of this service is that, the user is charged for the content and not for the data that is used to view the content. Most of the services that are present charge the user based on data usage. For the best experience, the use of 3G handset with 3G data connection is highly recommended.

Now enjoy movies on your smartphone rather than on TV. With the advancement of technology, we belief that TV viewing will slowly vanish in years to come. Till then, enjoy movies on your smartphone and stop getting bored.

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