Reliance Communications Slashes 3G Plans

There has been price reductions in the 3G plans of Airtel and Idea. After Airtel and Idea, it is Reliance’s turn to slash the prices for 3G plans.

Reliance communications RCOM triple dhamaka offer now get triple download limit for the price of one India

With the slash of price, Reliance would be giving out 1 GB of data plan for a monthly charge of Rs 250 (INR) and 2 GB of data plan for a monthly charge of Rs 450 (INR). This new price is competitive enough with the plans that is being offered by Airtel and Idea.

Not only this, there has been an introduction of a new plan called “Best Plan” by Reliance which would offer customers to use 6 GB of data for a flat rate of Rs 1,250. Once the user exhausts the data limit, the user would still be able to use internet but the speed would be throttled.

Another part of the plan is that, if you use suppose 2.5 GB, then you would be billed Rs 250 as a rental bill. You would be charged Rs 300 extra usage (which would be Rs 0.2 per MB for 1.5 GB). So the total billed amount would result into Rs 550. Now, at this price, we think it is very affordable.

Reliance is also offering 3G unlimited data plan portfolio which starts from Rs 750 per month. Major plans introduced by Reliance Communications are listed below.

Reliance communications 3G data usage plans across India cheap internet plans

Reliance may not be offering as many plans as offered by companies like Idea and Airtel. But within the plans that it is offering, it is offering very affordable and unique plans such as the “Best Plan” which could easily draw customers towards Reliance.

Whatever be the case, the crux of the story is that now, you can enjoy cheaper 3G plans from Reliance as well as given out by Idea or Airtel.

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