Now You Can Buy An Entire Italian Village On Ebay

The city of Tuscany is up for sale on eBay. If you truly want to spend your holidays in a different style, you can buy the entire Italian city for 2.5 million Euro.

Tuscan Italian Village for Sale

Tuscany is a 800 year old village. It is 22 miles to the east of Florence. Its height is 2,850 feet above sea level. When you purchase the city, you will have full rights on the existing buildings and the right to build more buildings.

Carlo Magni, who is actually arranging for the sale said, “It’s a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own your very own Tuscan hamlet — and the price is a complete bargain”. She added, “Where else would you get all those buildings, land, panoramic view, plus all the history for 2.5 million Euro?

The part of the deal is that either you will own all of the buildings or none. You cannot buy one or two of the existing buildings for a part of the amount to be paid. This sale is part of Italian Governments measures. By selling off these buildings, Italian government wants to raise some amount of money which could help the Government rise out of its huge debt.

The village of Tuscany was abandoned around 50 years ago and most of the buildings that exist as of today are mostly ruins. They need major reconstruction and repair works to stand in their full glory.

This is once in a lifetime opportunity. If you have the money, you can easily buy an entire village and become the king of that place. Looks like the age of kings is returning in this world.

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