Plan For A Paperless World From Next Month

The Electronic Paper Display (EPD) are used in many devices nowadays. It is also manufactured by various manufacturers around the world. But now LG is the company that has announced for the revolutionary plastic Electronic Paper Display.

lg flexible electronic paper display to revolutionize the whole world of reading

The Electronic Paper Display by LG will have a XGA display of 6 inch. The native resolution for the gadget is 1024 x 768. This Paper Display by LG would be the world’s first plastic Electronic Paper Display to be sold in the market. After doing a successful mass production of the device, the company is planning to develop flexible plastic in OLED displays.

The new EPD which would be available would replace the traditional modes of reading from a book. It would be having a bending capacity of upto 40 degrees from the centre and will have flexible design just for comfortable reading. The width of this Electronic Paper Display device from LG is just 0.7 mm and weighs only 14 grams.

Normally, the electronic paper display devices get damaged very quickly. It gets damaged when it is accidentally dropped or is hit by someone. But the EPD developed by LG can withstand all these pressures and still be 100 percent okay. It has been rigorously tested. The company has tested the device by hitting the device with a hammer and also by dropping the device from an average reading height of 1.5 meters several times just to ensure that the product functions well after facing such pressures.

The main advantage of using a Electronic Paper Display is huge reduction in eye fatigue. In addition to that the power consumed by the device is also very less as compared to conventional glass EPDs.  The manufacturing process which the device is undergone is very similar to that of manufacturing LCDs with a temperature of over 350 degrees which results in the production of a device which is more durable and reliable.

The EPDs are expected to be available from next month in the markets of Europe. So be prepared to live in a world where paper would be extinct in the near future.

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