Real Time Traffic Update On Maps For Mumbai And Delhi Launched By Nokia

Now if you live in Mumbai or Delhi and are frustrated by the traffic, it’s time to rejoice. You can now know real time live traffic updates on Nokia Maps.

Nokia drive for Lumia live traffic update service for Symbian and Lumia Smartphones Windows

Nokia yesterday, released updates for live traffic services for Symbian and Nokia Lumia Windows Smartphones. This unique service can easily be activated just by updating your map application. Currently, this service of live traffic is available only for the cities of Delhi and Mumbai but Nokia plans to bring this service in other cities too.

According to Nokia, it has covered around 1,500 KM of roads across both the cities combined. This was one of the most needed applications in a big city like Mumbai or Delhi. Other cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata are in desperate need of applications like these. There was no information from Nokia about the exact date of launch for other cities, but it was said that it would be launching this service for other cities as well very soon.

We are currently not sure about the accuracy of this service as of now, but given Nokia’s brand name, it would definitely be good that’s what we are assuming now. This service is tracked down by monitoring other Nokia users who are also using the location services at that very time. This system is called “probes” in the field of navigation.

We are very excited to test this service and hope that you would be too.

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